Know where we come from and what makes us unique uniques

Sandav Office
Javier Puebla

Javi Puebla, the origin of sandav

SANDAV CONSULTORES was founded in 2007 by our current Executive Director.

Javi has a technical profile. He has worked through all software development roles, from his beginnings as a programmer to his last stage as Project Manager right before the creation of the company, for more than 15 years.

During this period, he had experiences in various companies in the sector that allowed him to learn about the behavior of these companies and to analyze the positive and negative aspects of each one of them.

While he was working, he did hear comments from coworkers like the following: My company doesn’t pay attention to me”, “I don’t feel that my company cares about me”, “My manager hasn’t come to see me for 5 years”, “My company sent me to this project, and then they forgot about me.”

He realized that things could be done differently, in a unique way… and he decided to create SANDAV CONSULTORES


The Trisquel

What does it symbolize for us?

Our original logo is a triskelion, triskelion or triskele with rotational symmetry.'

The trisquel is a motif consisting of three spirals joined together, three bent human legs, or three lines extended or bent from the center of the symbol. '

The word comes from the Greek triskelés (τρισκελής) meaning "three legs".'

Welcome to Sandav Consultores

Javi had always wanted to create his own company and offer the world something different.

At the beginning, Javi started working for one client and little by little he began to provide services to more clients with whom he was in contact. He was able to incorporate in Sandav Consultores, people he trusted to help him.

This allowed Sandav Consultores to include a Business Manager to expand its client portfolio, to increase its turnover and to rent its first office. At the beginning it took a bit to give to know the company in the market, but little by little Sandav Consultores gained the trust of various clients and the business began to experience further growth in early 2013. With the ever-present goal of introducing a unique company into the market, all profits generated were reinvested in a new human resources team to work for the growth of the company. Then, the recruitment team started to grow, and during the year 2015 the business team grew too. That investment paid off, and the following year the entire team moved to a new office in Madrid.

Old Sandav logo